Collators Sort Your Paper Stacks So You Don't Have To

Collators and papaer sorters are very easy to use, setup and require little maintenance. We have  a wide variety of different colllators for you to choose from so that you can find the best paper sorting machine that fits your needs depending on the amount of space you have and to what extent the collator will be used.

What do collators do? They take multiple stacks of paper, pick up a sheet off of each stack and then places them together into an organized pile. You may have seen this done manually. Many companies, after making hundreds of copies of a document, will take each stack and place them on a table. People gather around the table and take a sheet off of each stack and organize picked sheets into a pile. Collators do this much more quickly and effortlessly. 

Collators are easy to setup and use. The amount of time you will save on stacking paper will make this purchase well worth it so you don't have to waste paid working time on this mindless task. 

Collators take a number of stack of paper, collate them and staple them in the corner. Many collators can also be interfaced with a booklet maker, allowing you to create booklets on the fly. Doing this task in-house can save you a lot of money by avioding sending projects out to the printers frequently.